We guarantee our services 100%
We guarantee our services 100%
TeleHealth Counseling & State of Florida Licensure, CARF, and Joint Commission Accreditation Firm Complete Medical & Counseling Service Professionals
     TeleHealth Counseling &State of Florida Licensure,CARF, and Joint Commission Accreditation Firm  Complete Medical & Counseling Service Professionals 



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State of Florida

Substance Abuse Facility Licensure.


State of Florida

Medical Inpatient Detox

Health Care Clinic, Behavioral Health,

Psychiatric Crisis Stabilization Units and much more.



Quality Assurance

Quality Improvement

Performance Improvement

Monthly Contracts Available  


CARF, and Joint Commission

Accreditation Preparation and Implementation.


FARR certification for Res I - IV.



We specialize in licensure and accreditation needs for new and existing facilities.


We Guarantee our Services!



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